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family-addiction-center-addiction-recovery-referralsWe at Addiction Recovery Referrals know that it is very difficult to help a loved one with an addiction when he or she does not want help. Our staff is here to guide you through the difficult maze of recovery choices. These initial decisions are critical to your loved ones recovery as well as your family's because we all know that addiction affects the entire family. 

The list of services below is what is known as a Continuum of Care. A well planned continuum of care is essential for your loved one to have a successful recovery. We will position your loved one for a successful treatment experience.

Continuum Care List:

Initial Evaluation: An initial evaluation is needed in order for us to understand the severity of your loved one's addiction. This will ensure an appropriate facility placement. We can accomplish this by phone or appointment.

Travel Itinerary: Our caring team will discuss your particular struggles and travel options with you. It is essential to get your loved one to treatment from wherever he or she is as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Our staff will be at the airport to safely pick up your loved one, or we can provide a travel companion, if needed, to assure your loved one's arrival.

Detox: If a medical detox is necessary, we will help coordinate a medical detox as your first step on the path to recovery. A Detox usually lasts from four to seven days but it depends on the substance and length of time that the substance was abused.

PHP: Even after detox, some individuals need a more medically supervised environment. This is known as "partial hospitalization" or PHP. It does not mean that he/she will be staying in a hospital. We can provide choices that will meet your loved one's needs and your expectations.

IOP: Intensive Outpatient Treatment is a good option for someone who is unable to attend an inpatient facility, providing that after an evaluation, it is part of the individual's treatment plan. The individual does not live in the facility, but comes to the facility for counseling, visits with specialists, and/or group meetings.

OP: Outpatient Treatment is preferable for someone who has successfully completed previous treatment but would like to continue growing and recovering in a treatment environment. Supervised group sessions is required for this treatment plan.

Sober Living: Long Term Care provides housing for people who have just come out of rehab (or a recovery center) and need a place to live that is structured and supporting for those in recovery. They are an interim environment between rehab and a return to their former lives.

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