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We at Addiction Recovery Referrals know that it is very difficult to help a loved one with an addiction when he or she does not want help. Our staff is here to guide you through the difficult maze of recovery choices. These initial decisions are critical to your loved ones recovery as well as your family’s.

Don't Recover Alone, Let Us Help!

We understand that everyone suffers from addiction differently and must be handled in a special way to lead you on the right path to recovery. The road to recovery can not be done alone, finding the perfect drug and alcohol treatment facility for you or your loved one is a difficult task. Unlike most treatment centers whom try to enroll you or your loved one in their own centers, we listen to you first and try to understand your situation then recommend the treatment center that best fits your needs.

We are located in beautiful Palm Beach County Florida, which is becoming the addiction treatment capital of the United States, giving us the opportunity to work with some of the best treatment centers around. Our admissions counselors are certified and specially trained professionals, giving them the ability to fully understand your situation and refer you to the treatment center that will best suit your needs.



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Call Now! 561-401-3638

Break the Cycle of Addiction

Do not let addiction get out of control before an emergency happens. If an emergency like an overdose, impending homelessness, or legal issues does occur pick up the phone and call Addiction Recovery Referrals right away. Our certified addiction counselors will be ready to help you find the best treatment centers.

We take the individualized approach that allows people the quality of care they need. Every person is different and so is each rehabilitation center. We work with facilities across the nation to give you the best care possible. Addiction Recovery Referrals is able to find a rehabilitation center the same day you call.

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